Day Real Estate Photography & Video

At Canberra Real Estate Photography and Video, we become attached to the images and videos we produce, just as you become attached to every corner of your home.

We value the effort that goes into making a house feel like home,  which is why we make the effort to capture every aspect of your creativity.

We tell the story of your property with our professional images or video. Our experience tells us this makes all the difference to the sale. So let’s take the time to sit down and hear about the story of your home, as a mere ten minutes here can make months of difference when it comes to your property being listed as ‘for sale’ or ‘sold’.

Twilight Photography

Twilight photography has the advantage of showing your property in its best light. We usually capture the exterior of the property at dusk and showcase landscape/property lighting, pool lighting and features like fire pits, backed with a beautiful sunset.

Agents like twilight photos not just because they look cool, but simply because they are different from the standard exterior shot. A twilight image or video is more likely to grab the attention of a buyer when a home search is performed.

Perfectly captured twilight images also bring buyers looking for higher-end properties, which is why we highly recommend you don’t let the sun go down on this service.

Property management Photography & Video

Property management companies can benefit from our photography as well as beautiful, high-resolution interactive tour photography. We take the best your properties have to offer and offer you the opportunity to display the images or video on your agency's website, Facebook page, or anywhere else you'd like to advertise.

Your properties can be captured and posted online in less than a day. And the images or video can be taken down in minutes, after the property is rented or sold.

It makes managing your properties all the easier when you already know that 90 per cent of the market is online when searching for their next property to buy or rent. So contact us today and talk to our team about making your property portfolio look the best it can.

Corporate Photography

It takes the same amount of time to read this sentence as it does to make a first impression.

This is why a professional headshot of you or your team can speak volumes to a potential client! Make that first impression count with your prospective clients.

Whether you are an agent, property manager, developer or agency principal, Canberra Real Estate Photography and Video can create a headshot that will create a lasting impression with your clients.

Our experience in the industry allows us to get to know the type of image that suits your place in the agency or the type of property you are selling. Speak to us about how corporate packages can be tailored to get your best side and create an ongoing impression.

Aerial Photography and Video

Drones are more than just the next fad in technical gadgetry. Their potential in capturing the unique aspects of a land development, a block of units or a retirement village is an appeal that must be seen. We can showcase the landscape and surrounding neighbourhood with an aerial photography package to suit your needs.

Real estate photography and video is all about finding the unique features of a property, and there is nothing more unique than having a bird’s eye view of the property you are selling.

Our team provides an efficient and safe service to create images and promotional packages that will literally rise above the rest.

Architectural Photography

It is fair to say that Canberra is home to some of the most diverse and dynamic architecture in the country, which is why the team at Canberra Real Estate Photography and Video are experts in bringing the finer points of your property to life.

When other photographers want to eliminate shadows with a flash, we have the expertise to accentuate the shadow line of a building because we know that it is part of its appeal. We can close in on the curves and pick up on the straights.

We can also create imagery of your plans that take the guess work out of how many levels a particular building has, or where the kitchen is in relation to the living areas. Talk to us about the best options and we will make a plan that suits your needs.

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