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We all know how a photo tells the story of a thousand words. So when you need the perfect image or video to sell your home, Canberra Real Estate Photography and Video always focuses on getting the money shot.

Canberra Real Estate Photography and Video will take your next property sale to places you’ve never thought possible. We continue to lead the way with outstanding photography and video for real estate agents, private sellers, architects, builders and businesses of all sizes.

We have also taken to the skies with the very latest in drone technology to give you more ways to showcase the best angles of a property. Add a twilight setting to the picture and you have a truly captivating image or video that will set your property well apart from the rest.


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Engage potential buyers with photography that makes your property shine.

We specialises in capturing and presenting your property at its very best. Our expert photographers have a keen eye for detail and loads of experience identifying the best angles, features to highlight and lighting to use.

Day Real Estate Photography & Video

Creativity is the key for us when we organise a shoot for your property. We will find the best angle of a home at a time of day that suits you. We offer a portfolio of images or a video that will focus on what you want most – the best sale price possible.

Twilight Photography

That period of serenity just as the sun sets is appealing for a very good reason. It showcases your property in a light that most people don’t see, and allows you to stand out from the competition. We highly recommend this service for higher-end properties.

Property management Photography & Video

As a property manager, your portfolio is the key to your business. As real estate photographers, we’ve taken photos or video of thousands of properties. We only give the best. If something doesn’t look good, we don’t shoot it.

Corporate Photography

Canberra Real Estate Photography and Video provides images or video of your team in a way that tells the story of who they are. We’re serious about presenting you in a professional light, but if you want to have fun with it, we can do that too.

Aerial Photography and Video

The sky really is the limit when it comes to capturing a property from above. Our drone images and video are something to look up to, or down upon. It’s all about having an eye in the sky, and we can show you the results of how effective this can be.

Architectural Photography

There are no rules hard and fast rules in architecture, which is why we think outside the box with images or video that stand your property apart from the rest. We face up to your fascia and marvel at marble to present the unique angles of your property.

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Home Preparation

Small Improvements Make a Big Impression. Achieve the Magazine Look Without the Big Expense!

•    Clear all surfaces such as kitchen bench tops and bathroom vanities
•    Open all curtains and windows
•    Clean all windows (this one is often overlooked but very important!)
•    Turn on all lights and ensure they’re working
•    Remove personal items such as family photos
•    Hide or remove power leads and chargers
•    Turn off ceiling fans
•    Remove floor mats and hall runners (decorative rugs are fine)
•    Remove pet bowls and beds
•    Store excess items and furniture in the garage
•    If time is limited, spend less time cleaning and more time de-cluttering

•    Make beds
•    Add and arrange cushions and throw pillows
•    Clear items from under the bed (this often shows in photographs)
•    De-clutter bedside tables and turn lamps on
•    Remove personal items such as family photos
•    Take down any posters

•    Turn off TVs
•    Hide remotes, magazines and papers
•    Remove exercise equipment
•    Hide game consoles and their leads
•    Remove excess furniture
•    Add flowers or fruit to dining table

•    Mow lawns and sweep paths and decks
•    Remove cars from driveways and garages
•    Clean all windows
•    Clear garden clutter such as hoses and pool cleaners
•    Remove children’s and pet toys
•    Clean or replace front door mat
•    Put wheelie bins out of sight
•    Remove BBQ covers
•    Raise outdoor blinds and awnings
•    Clean pool
•    Arrange outdoor furniture and open umbrellas
•    Turn on pool and deck lights

•    Remove floor and bath mats
•    Clear vanity surfaces
•    Clean shower screens and mirrors
•    Remove all personal products from showers
•    Hide laundry baskets and cleaning products
•    Add one or two decorative items such as candles or fresh flowers

•    De-clutter bench tops and shelves
•    Remove tea towels, dishcloths and dish racks
•    Remove any visible bins
•    Keep appliances to a minimum
•    Remove magnets and papers from the fridge door
•    Add one or two decorative items

Presenting your property in an attractive way will encourage interest from potential buyers and increase your sale price. If time is limited, focus on de-cluttering your space rather than cleaning.


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